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Hey guys. Welcome to my blog. Since I’ll practically be letting you guys in on my personal life, I might as well drop some facts about me.

1. I love Allah, my family and friends and most especially, Fashion.
2. I hate arguments. Whenever there is one, I just try to maneuver my way out or try to reason with the person to quit talking.
3. I’m a shy person (scoffs). Ok, let me rephrase that– I used to be a shy person (I still consider myself shy though) until I reached a certain stage in my life and I said no to shyness.
4. I’m a quiet person. No, like really I am quiet. But my siblings and friends think not and it baffles me.
5. I use to practice my conversations before they are actually had. This gives me an imaginary insight to what I’m actually going to tell the person later. 

6. I get distracted a lot by what others think of me. Fortunately, I’ve been reading inspirational books and I have come to know that living a positive life is the key to happiness. 

7. I am scared of heights! (screams). 

8. I love to dress up whenever I’m bored or when I’ve got nothing doing. I guess that’s what drove me into creating this blog.
9. I am very playful. 
10. OMG! I love taking pictures. Anywhere, anytime and of anything too.
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