5 Easy Ways To Perfect Your Poses For The Camera

It’s one thing to have a good photographer and another thing to just stand like you are about to take a passport photograph. Knowing how to stand for the camera is different from actually knowing how to perfect your poses, making it stand out and making it look so effortless. This post was requested by a lovely reader who never fails to mention how photogenic I look. So, I have decided to write a post on it listing the various ways you can perfect your poses.

There is no trick in this game. It’s just about being creative. You don’t want to look uncool in your pictures especially when you know it will be bad for business.

Be natural.

natural pose

This means you shouldn’t force yourself. Trust the photographer (a good one) and give him or her those natural poses. You don’t want to look like a potato right?

Get Down on the Floor.

get down on the floor

pose tips

This trick is new. Tired of standing and not liking the outcome of your pictures? Get down on the floor baby. Bend, squat, do the yoga pose — your choice.

Pose and Practise in front of a Mirror.

practice your pose.

Before going to meet with your photographer, try standing in front of a mirror, perfect your poses and envisage yourself posing like a supermodel. Those poses usually come out great. I do this a lot. I see a pose I like online, I practise and it comes out good.

Move around and have fun.

pose tricks

This means you should just be you. If you know you still don’t look amazing while doing all of the above poses, move around and have fun. Try to be goofy too. Photographers love that. Here, after taking pictures at the first location (my fashion school), I had to beg my friends to take a picture of me at the Kingsway bus stop. Lol.


sit down pose

After all these and you still can’t perfect your poses? Please just sit. Sit on a rock, on a chair, on the road. Just sit on anything and let your photographer direct you.

Outfit Details:

Trousers: Marks and Spencer

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Sneakers: Thrifted

Fanny Pack: Habdoolai

Sunglasses: Old

Do you find these tips helpful? Please, do let me know in the comment section.


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