6 Types Of Friends You Should Have In Your 20s

There is this saying that goes thus: 20 friends can not be friends for 20 years! This goes a long way to show that the circle of friends we keep may vary over the years especially when we start adulting. Another thing I’ve noticed is that the types of friends we have in our 20s would be entirely different from the ones we would have in our 30s.

It’s absolutely fine to move with spontaneous and free living people but sometimes, we need more than that. One friend might be good for me and not be right for you. That’s why we need to choose our friends right. We also need the type of friends that would stick forever (whether male or female) no matter what. Hence, I made a list of the types of friends to keep after leaving your teenage years!

Types of friends

1. The Honest Friend

This type of friend is always down to earth. They will always tell you the truth without flinching. It is always hard to open up to this person (I know right) but at the back of your mind you know this person would always tell you the truth. It is this person that would advise you not to take that unreasonable decision — break up, make up, bad outfit.


2. The Nonjudgmental Friend

O’boy! We all need this type of friend in our lives especially at this stage where we do not entirely need the truth always. This person makes you feel like your decision (the almost right ones though) are 100% awesome and he or she gives you the desired support without judging you ever! They give you no ‘buts’, ‘told ya’, ‘I warned you’ and they show their support always.


3. The Wise One

This is that type of friend that knows the things which you don’t. They are usually way older than you and can be referred to as Mentors and you see yourself in their shoes in the nearest future. They are the ones whose lifestyles you admire. This type of friend is really essential.

The types of friends you should have in your 20s

4. The Cheerleader

A cheerleader is someone who cheers right? Now, imagine having a cheerleader as a friend! This person roots for you to have the best in life. He or she is your ride or die. When you have a new business idea, this person is the first to help you out and promote you. Also, when you fail, this person becomes your backbone and supporter. They are quick to remind you of your successes in order to lift your spirit.


5. The Jack of All Trades

This person knows it all, can do it all, knows all the right people for a job. Imagine how relevant this person can be. He or she has an idea about almost all the needs of man and is always available to help.

Types of friends

6. The In Case of Emergency Friend

This person is usually not a member of your family or a lover. This is the type of person who will always come when called and is readily available when you are distressed. Got arrested? Got dumped? Need a place to stay? Just call this person. Remember to have this person’s number saved and memorised.

What type of friend are you? Do you have any of the above mentioned types of friends? Kindly let me know your thoughts in the comment section. Thanks for reading Loves 🖤.


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