NYSC|| 6 Ways To Have a Hitch Free Service Year.

Today is the last day of being a corp member! Yaiy!

Hey guys. How’s everything? Using this medium to congratulate my colleagues on the completion of the obligatory NYSC programme. May almighty Allah let us reap the benefits and gains attached to the certificate.

While in the uni, I had always wanted to know how it felt like being a Corper. I wanted Ibadan, Oyo State although I was posted to Auchi, Edo State. You know they say everything happens for a reason. Without further ado, let’s dive right into the topic.


Corpers We!

One! ( I bet some of you still say Wa! right?).

It all started when my elder siblings got posted to Kano and Jigawa states though they redeployed to Ondo and Lagos states respectively. Then, when they got home and started narrating their experiences, we (my younger siblings and I) were always excited to hear them talk.

Fast forward to 2016, I got posted to Auchi, Edo state. Although I had a roommate who relocated to Abuja after one week, living alone hadn’t been that bad. That way you avoid having roommate wahala. Alhamdulilahi, I survived through the following ways:


This always comes first in our day to day lives. Prayer is always the key. I can actually relate in many ways especially when dealing with my PPA (primary place of assignment).

Auchi is actually a religious place so if you decide not to relate with any of the natives, the mosques and churches will surely listen to you. However, I got to learn that just a ‘good morning’ every time you pass will warm their hearts towards you.

I don’t know about you but the #19800 federal government is paying does not last a month even though you decide to rid yourself of all the goodies. The numerous bills — food, water (no water in Auchi), transport, electricity — have taken 70% of the money. I can’t remember ever going on a shopping spree as everything is super expensive too. Now please, how do we save? I will just suggest that after being paid, we try to save like 5,000 naira monthly because you never know when the money will be of help to you ( I tried too).

I have seen a couple of Corpers who come to the secretariat with different goods and services. That is very cool as one person will definitely be interested in what you sell.

And who has been assured that life after NYSC is like a bed of roses?  C’mon, I’m pretty sure our parents have stopped sending us monetary gifts. So what’s stopping you from having a handwork? I am a budding Fashion designer and I hope to have a shoe line too (watch out for Matreekah Wears guys).
Friendships can never be bought in the market. Make friends that think about the future. Friends that you know in years to come, you will continue to make impact in one another’s lives.
What other tips do you know that can also  make you have a hitch
free service year? Kindly drop your comments below. If you are new here, Don’t forget to subscribe in order to read many interesting posts always.

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