about me

My name is Bello Kareemat. I’m 22 years old, Lagos born and bred (although I’m yet to see a quarter of it’s beauty), a fashion enthusiast, a stylist, a thinker, a lover, a writer, an introvert and a very good laugher who aims to inspire through fashion and it’s generality.

I find out that writing for me, despite all the happenings in the world, is an outlet where I get to share my experiences and there is this inexplicable joy I feel as I begin to pen down my thoughts. Hence, in this little world space of mine, I will take you guys on a journey into my life — my fashion and lifestyle. Oh! When I say lifestyle I mean everything that can be said to better your wellness, living style, hacks, DIY, beauty tips, fashion tips, blogging tips and many more!

Did I also mention that I love Photography? Well, now you know.

Random musings and tips will also be posted. Dear readers, please feel free to drop your honest comments and don’t forget to subscribe. I do hope you come back for more awesome posts.

With Love, Matreekah 🖤