What’s up guys? How are you all doing? How has life been lately for you? I hope October has been great too? Well, mine has and I won’t mind sharing with you how life has been lately for me so, at the moment I am…
Grateful to see another day to publish a post so that all my lovely readers can have something interesting to read.
Happy that NYSC ends in two weeks and I will finally be back in Lagos (home sweet home). This will enable me concentrate fully on the blog.
Listening to more of BOJ‘s songs. Dear Wizkid,  this doesn’t mean I love you less.

Reading more of other blogs for inspiration and guidelines.
Eating moderately now (laughs). But seriously, I have reduced the rate at which I eat. #lifeofabrokegirl.

Drinking a lot of water. You know they say water is the king of all liquids (why did my account balance just scoff?)
Wearing more of STRIPES and DENIM lately. Actually my go to style everyday.

Wishing I have a camera to take good pictures to post on the blog.  Well for now, I use my phone’s camera.

Crushing on Jeniffer Oseh @theladyvhodka. Her style is super gorgeous and unapologetically EXTRA.

Determined to stay true to myself and never let the opinion of others undermine my capabilities.
Appreciating all the good people in my life. Most especially my readers. I love you all.
P. S. I really should do a post on Why I started a Blog. What do you guys think? 

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