Best Photo Editing Apps

These days, we now have many photo editing apps on the appstore that get us confused. Often times, we end up downloading the wrong applications. As we all know, One man’s meat is another man’s poison. The photo editing apps I use might not be the solution to solving your photo related problems but yet, we still have to study some apps before we can totally write them off, right? These apps are great for selfies, portraits, flatlays and many more. The best thing about them is that they are absolutely free.

In no particular order, I’m going to list the apps and explain why I love them and what I use them for.

A Pictorial

Photo Editing Apps
Photo Editing Apps

This was achieved by using the VSCO and Airbrush Apps.

The Best Photo Editing Apps

Vsco: This app has got one of the best reviews so far on the internet. It’s lovely for it’s filters and presets. The ones I mostly use are the A series, HB series (used it here) and my favourite at the moment is the T1 preset which I used here. I love the moody feeling it gives. You can also increase the brightness, contrast and exposure but I have another app I use for this.

Snapseed: This is another popular photo editing application among bloggers. It’s got so many great features, great for flatlays and I explained here, how I used it. I basically make use of the brightness, saturation (+ to increase; – to decrease), healing (to remove unwanted objects or photo bombers), selective tool (to brighten a particular place by tapping it). The list is endless. If you want a detailed explanation of the app, please do let me know.

Airbrush: This is like the free version of Facetune. I tried buying the Facetune app on the appstore (#365.00) but something went wrong. Thank goodness for this beautiful app. Airbrush is great if you want the white washed background theme which is like a thing now on instagram. To achieve this, you make use of the whiten tool. Adjust the size if want for faster access. To smoothen your skin or cloth, use the smooth tool. And then the acne tool (don’t try this for your face) is great for removing unwanted objects in the picture.

Canva: Canva has so many graphic templates. Luckily, we android users can now have full access to it. Although I heard it’s greater if you use with a PC. It has ready made templates for your social media.

Inshot: Another photo editing app that also edits videos. Do you know you can change the size of a full picture for instastories and Snapchat by changing the ratio from 1:1 to 9:16 and to 16:9 for YouTube on this app? Now you do loves! Also adjust videos by trimming and editing to your taste. (I’m still learning to make videos though; I’m really shy).

Pixagram: Since I’m not a video person, I use this for photo slides. Videos can be trimmed and edited here too. It’s also great if you want your instastories to stand out.

Have you tried using any of these apps before? Do you know about any other app that is great? Please share in the comment section. Thanks for stopping by Loves.

P. S. Dont forget to drop your comments and share. There is absolute love in sharing.


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