Birthday Wishlist 2018

Every year, we all have different needs and our wishlists change right? Since I almost do not get any birthday gifts (it saddens my heart 😭), I might as well gift myself something this year or better still, wish in my heart that I have or have done certain things. This year, I have curated a list of the things I wish I have and I hope I get as a surprise from you guys (I am literally lowkey double winking at you all as I type this part, Lol).

Okay! So here are the things (in no particular order) I would love to have…

A session at a Spa

Right now,  I could really use a hot massage. The rate at which my body hurts is alarming due to the stress of having to enter public buses on a daily basis (I’m new to this routine) and then you sit on a wooden seat for hours because of Lagos traffic.

Source: thedecoratop

A Sewing Machine

I am actually planning towards owning one of this. Top on my list 💕💕

Source: SewMuchCraftiness

A Pair of Block Heels

I know I hardly wear one but my love for these have increased especially since I started blogging. It’s great for photos and fits any outfit.

Source: Pinterest


Don’t let me talk too much on this one (gives a side eye)… I need a camera in my life oooooo!

P. S. Pardon my Nigerian English 

Source: tumblr

Or better still an Iphone…

Source: Fatlossnews

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A Visit to Art Galleries

Oh my Lord! This is actually like the second on my list. It would be totally awesome and fun visiting art galleries and I hear there are many places in Lagos. Ah ah!

art wish list
Source: Yinka Shonibare

Okay guys! There you have it – My 2018 birthday Wishlist.

New Post will be up on Thursday. See you soon loves 🖤

P. P. S. Birthday is in 9 days (dancing the shaku shaku dance 💃) 

What do you plan to have or have done  on or before  your birthday? Do let me know in the comment section.


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