As everyone is writing their New Year goals, I want to forego that and focus on my blogging goals. This (my blog) is something I have wanted to own for a very long time. Now it’s here. Why not take out time to set goals for it?

I have summarized them to seven crucial steps and I plan to execute them successfully. Below are my 2018 blogging goals.


The first goal is to be me and not try to copy others. It’s okay to read other influencers’ blogs for ideas and inspiration since I’m a newbie in the blogosphere. I however have noticed that I sometimes want to imitate what they are doing forgetting that they also started from somewhere. Hence, I’ve resolved to writing what I believe in and writing in my own voice.


Every blogger needs to be consistent and that is what I plan to do. Still looking for the perfect days in the week to schedule when to publish a post but for now, I am going to be publishing my posts as soon as they are perfect.


It has always been about the quality from the onset. What’s the point of writing about what I do not know just because I want traffic. I have decided to write on things that even when someone checks my archives in the next two years, he or she would find it very relevant and love to bookmark my page. It really is about the quality.


Digressing and not writing the relevant posts will be shunned upon. I am going to focus more on fashion trends, my personal style and stories, inspirational posts and DIYs. So, sit back, keep scrolling (and clicking) and enjoy.


This step is most crucial. Everybody loves vidoes (something they can visualize after). Hence, I am going to start making videos by posting first on my IG page before bringing them here.


I need a good camera or a photographer who takes very nice pictures. I also need a makeup artist (or a makeup kit) as it is one of the criteria of good photography.


Lastly, if you are a fashion designer or a style  influencer and would love to work with me, I’m open for collaborations. I hear it’s great for bringing traffic and awareness to your blog.

What would you like for me to add to these goals? What do you suggest I post next? Do let me know in the comment section. Thanks for stopping by.

Love, Matreekah!


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