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Hey loves! How’s the weekend going? Today’s post centres on self improvement. Every nerve in our system screams for improvement and we all want to be a better version of ourselves.

Self Improvement

This simply means ones own efforts in improving ones mind, status, abilities and character.

You need to define what you want before you can achieve it β€” Anonymous

Lately, remarks have been flying here and there from friends and they centre on one thing: HOW I DON’T CREATE TIME FOR THEM. One thing I’ve realized is that change is a constant and quite inevitable. But do I need to hide behind this charade? Nope.


You hardly ever have time for me/us.

I am no longer important and that’s why you have forgotten me.

Since you cannot make the first call, why should I?

Oh! This one that you called, you need something right?

Hmmn. You called me today. Rain will fall. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

It’s because you are a blogger now abi?

Steps taken:

Acknowledging my faults.

One thing I’ve learned is that an apology goes a long way in the hearts of mankind. However, for those of you that prefer one to carry sacrifice before you can be appeased, sorry for you. I do not argue with them. I try to explain why I’ve gone MIA. While some understand, others don’t. I don’t argue with people. And I’ve also gone past the phase of being bothered about what people say. It really doesn’t help matters but adds to the number of seconds it takes your heart to beat.

Get into action.

I take my time to make amendments and pick up from where we left. No one is perfect and every character differs. The way we also perceive things is different. While I don’t really bother myself if people don’t check up on me because I know everyone has got one or two doing now, others would.

Lately, I’ve been watching a lot of movies. Current one being The Big Bang Theory. It’s a comedy series and I think it’s one of the reasons why I am busy. Had to start watching the series from season one to eleven (used three weeks). Now I’m done and I’m still going to collect more from my brother.

I’ve also been busy being productive. Yep.

I’m super Excited about the move from Blogger to WordPress. WordPress just makes things so easy for me. Great appearance and theme plus commenting and sharing just got easier.

Currently on a skincare routine. Check here for details.

I also cant wait to start collaborating with cool fashion and beauty brands as well as other style influencers. I need this network. P.S. If you are a fashion brand and you would like to work with me, please contact me here.

That’s it about this month’s episode on how my life has been lately. How has yours been? How do you improve yourself? Do let me know in the comment section.


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