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DIY|| Adire Wristwatch

*in my inner guy’s voice* Hello lovers of Styledbymatreekah! How you doing?

This wristwatch got a lot of attention on my social media. I’m really feeling my editing skills mehn. If you want to take nice cool flatlays like this, check here.

This wristwatch doesn’t work and has been abandoned in my mom’s shop for years. Guess what I felt when I saw ‘Calvin Klein’ written on it. Like whaaah? Designer designer. And it’s white too but the straps are torn and not pretty anymore. Immediately, I garnered my inner creativity and decided to design it with my adire fabric. Voila! You love the result yeah? Check out how’s done.

Materials needed:

Fabric of choice




Step 1:

Cut out the pieces you know would cover up the straps perfectly.

Step 2:

Place the wristwatch on the fabric.

Step 3:

Apply the glue to the edges of the fabric. Make sure to catch all the edges for durability. Repeat on the other side.

Step 4:

The holes on the straps would have been covered by now. Make sure to use a sharp object to make openings for the pin to enter (I used a pen).

Step 5:

Rock as desired.

Do you  love the outcome of this DIY? Do let me know in the comment section. Thanks for stopping by.

Love, Matreekah!


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