It is true they say that no one is without flaws but when one’s flaw is something physical and is always the first to be seen, it really can be depressing. Let’s forget about the motto we acne carriers have adopted ‘We don’t care’ and focus on the reality, it really does bother us.

A few weeks back, I met a male friend of mine who had not seen me for the past six years and he was like, “Inumidun, what happened to your face? Back then, you were shining but now you definitely aren’t!” Ah! Mogbe! (I’m in trouble). In my mind I was like “Hello, I attained Puberty and one of the signs is Pimples or Acne”. All I did was just smile at him. I know right, I should have replied him shey?
Why then does the society make every individual battling with adult acne feel miserable?

I came across a picture on instagram with the saying:

 Me whenever I look at everyone: why am I the ugly one?

When I saw this, I reflected on the words and discovered that I do this a lot. Whenever I’m out with friends with smoother faces, insecurity pops up like a lollipop and no matter how many compliments I get, so far my face be looking like the streets of Lagos (bumpy), I feel ugly.

Use this, use that! I hear them regularly, I stick to the routine, use the products faithfully and what does my skin do to repay me for all the hardwork? As soon as I start getting compliments that the product is working, after like two weeks, the thing goes skrrrrrr, bump bump bump bump bump. Aaarrrgh!

Then I came across this recipe on Youtube:

ACV is a natural antiseptic and anti-bacterial. It can naturally balance the skin’s pH level and it does wonders for my skin. It is acidic, so it is best to dilute with water (especially if you have sensitive skin). But the results (for me) have been great. It helps to clear away excess oils and is known to improve and diminish the appearance of acne scars. It has also been reported to lighten sun and age spots, dissolve dead skin cells, and minimize large pores which I can notice.
Tea tree oil has both great anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that help to fade acne scars. It can also be used on the hair for hair growth and anti dandruff treatment.
  • 4 tea spoon ACV
  • 8 tea spoon warm water
  • 4 drops tea tree oil
  • A plastic bottle

Add all ingredients and seal tightly. I give it a good shake before each use. If you find that it stings and is too strong, you can add more water. If you are afraid of how your skin will react to this, you may want to test it on a small patch before rubbing it all over your face. Better to be safe than sorry!

Stay fresh guys.
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