FASHION || Maximalism – The New Minimalism?

Since minimalism requires us keeping our dressing as simple and basic as possible but stylish, I’m thinking you should know what Maximalism is now yeah? Nigerians are having less chill pills now. Despite the weather, we are not relenting on our efforts to slay.

This post has been sitting pretty in my drafts since December last year when the lagos fashion week was the rave of the moment and I’m not particularly sure why I didn’t get to publish it.

We have given it many terms of our own the most popular one called LAYERING. This is the art of wearing more than one item in your wardrobe (my friend refers to it as dressing like an onion).
Most times, it’s by wearing more than three clothes. The basic way to layer is by wearing the white tee, T-shirt and a blazer or jacket.
It can also mean wearing stylish oversized outfits (the oversized trend) and making them look so savvy.
In other forms, Maximalism means to mix prints, patterns, hues and different trends all in one outfit.
Maximalism however is wearing more and more and more in as much as you look good.
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What’s your take on the latest fashion trends?


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