Nobody is finer than you. They only have better camera and dope editing skills – Matreekah.

Hey guys. Happy New Year! Today’s post is about how I edit all those bomb pictures you guys see on my instagram page. If you are not following me, please do here.

Instagram is the real deal here. Everyone uses it and it is a great app to boost your brand and business. Besides, we are in the visual age where we all want to love what we see. I do not own a camera neither do I have an iPhone but my phone does the little it can do too.

The Apps I use:

Airbrush: After downloading this, the first thing you want to do is to change the image quality from standard to HD or else, you wouldn’t like the outcome.

Snapseed: My go to app. I use it everytime. It is very easy to use so far you have the patience to study it.


Editing Flat Lays

The first thing you do is to have a GOOD LIGHTING. You don’t want to take pictures where it’s dark because the pictures won’t come out good. Next you need a BACKGROUND. Depending on the theme, you choose the desired colors of background. Cardboards, magazines, newspapers will do just fine. They are so photogenic. Lastly, you need your PROPS. Find  whatever you have as even the little things matter too. Just use your inner eye and mind to arrange them and you are good to take the shots.

After taking the picture, share on SNAPSEED app.

Click on selective.

Tap the screen. A ‘B’ sign comes up indicating brightness.

Adjust the brightness and tap the sign. A copy option comes up and then you click on it to copy and paste.

This can be done at other places you want brightened.

Voila 💪

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Editing People

The first thing I do with my pictures is to share on AIRBRUSH app.

CLICK on library.

Select the WHITEN tool. You can either increase or decrease the size. The aim here is to whiten the background of the picture giving only my outfit focus. So all you have to do is to brush up the background till you get the desired effect.

BONUS: Your shoe is white but dirty? Whiten it Fam!

Next you share on SNAPSEED.

Click on TUNE IMAGE.

Click on the tools and adjust as desired. I basically use brightness, saturation (to make the outfit more colourful) and contrast because I don’t want the picture to be looking like I fried it.


Instagram has many great filters but I prefer the JUNO filter. I just love the way it gives my pictures some kind of laid back look.

Do you like the outcome of the pictures? What apps do you use to edit your pictures? Kindly share with me in the comment section.

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