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Ever wondered about the secret to looking dapper in a simple outfit of jeans and a boyfriend shirt? I mean flannels, denims, vintage shirts, oxfords… Well, it all comes down to these styling tricks that fashion girls have added to their style.
1. Statement sleeves:  The trick is just to unbutton the sleeves cuffs. Usually, it’s best to opt for an oversized shirt.

2. Tie-Front shirt: You can either leave the shirt unbuttoned (to show some skin)  or you just button it up leaving few buttons below for you to be able to tie.

3. Half-Tucked: This is so simple. You just tuck in one side of the front part of the shirt. Any side will do and fly out the other side.

4. Rolled half sleeves: Fold your sleeves in half and pull the cuff to the upper arm. Roll the sleeves to desired length.

5. Turtle neck:  Okay. This is super eaaaasy! Just wear the back to the front. Voila!

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