How to Style an Overall Dress – Blogger Approved

It is a known fact that the overall dress has made a major comeback as a wardrobe staple. It is the feminine alternative to the dungarees and it is perfect for those that want to feel extra girly like ME!

The overall dress is a piece that holds the memories of childhood (as I was feeling like a primary school kid here). Overalls come in different styles starting from the dresses to the dungarees.

Then we have the Cullotes, midi dresses, skorts which comes in different designs and textures like denim, leather, curduroy, cotton and many more.

Ways to style an overall dress.

• Dress up a denim look casually by adding a structured blazer.

• Feeling in a style rut? Wear your overalls with a blouse to elevate your look.

• Pair a classic white tee for a more casual look.

• Dress it up with a pair of heels or down with your favourite pair of brogues or sneakers or boots.  Whayasay?

I paired my outfit with a simple white tee and a tiny brown belt to create a cinching effect. Can you
peep the supposed straw bag (or straw mat) Lol.

That was something I decided to incorporate into the dressing. I even wanted to try wearing it as a belt bag but my sister was just rolling her eyes at me. I’m probably gonna try that later. Lastly, I matched it with my brown brogues giving the overall look a warm effect.

Rn, I feel girlie as opposed to my kind of style.

Outfit details:

Tee: Newlookfashion// Dress: Thrifted// Brogues: Local Store// Bag: Random Mallam.

Do you like the outfit combination? Are you also a fan of the overall dresses? Let me know in the comment section.


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