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It Was Not a Boring Birthday Afterall.

It’s 11:15pm and I was not yet asleep. Pheew! Yes, I couldn’t because I was typing this post and I couldn’t wait to fill you all in what happened yesterday, March the 14th (my birthday) and I have to post it as early as possible before classes (which I couldn’t because of the horrible network problem in Nigeria).

I’m sure some of you are actually wondering why the title looks like I’m about to write an expository essay. Well, it’s story time loves! My 2018 birthday filled with some laughs.

As usual, I expected March the 14th of 2018 to be like March the 14th of 2017 and it’s in-law, March the 14th of 2016. I was so disappointed from having to wake up later than usual, applying my make up in the dark (you guys needed to see my brows 😭). Luckily for me, I didn’t jam any one I knew on the ever busy Ikeja road and I was still able to queue for my sweet Ofada rice.

I mentioned it here that I’m a student and I have to resume classes as early as possible. I actually entered the class with swag —after being the 24th to reach school out of 25 students — and I was welcomed with greetings and songs of “Happy Birthday Matreekah” 😊. My shakushaku dance was on point and I wished I was given the floor to dance till I was tired but Mr. Anyawu (our favourite facilitator) disrupted the show of joy. However, I was given my first birthday gift by Barakat (She makes awesome handmade bags and jewelries. Do check out her page on IG: arashandmadecollections).

I was not actually joking when I told Yinka that My heaven husband was playing hide and seek with me when I told her I was literally looking for everything. I mean everything and in my mind I was thinking people would be thinking I was showing off my clothes because I was just walking up and down (Lol. Check out my Outfit of the Day).

Monochrome Outfit Look:

Birthday post


Birthday post


Fast forward till afternoon, A friend couldn’t make it to our pre-planned outing and then I decided to take myself out. I went to the popular Ikeja City Mall and decided to see *Blake Painther* (if you know you know) after bragging that I would wait till the movie gets to me. Well, it was fun but i ended up not completing the movie because I was late and Lagos and traffic don’t paddy up.

Monochrome Outfit


Monochrome Outfit Look

What do you do when you are anxious to get home in time and the tyre of the commercial bus you entered got burst? Normally, I would have attributed it to my village people but I was unusually calm and I even had to enter another Bus. This actually goes a long way to show that I’ve grown and improved in so many things and that one shouldn’t take life too hard. Despite all the ups and downs we face, we should keep thanking God for all the mercy he has shown us.

P. S. Happy Birthday to Jemimah 💕. Photo Credit to her.

Monochrome Outfit

I’m really grateful for all the calls, text messages, gifts and the Good Vibes you all sent me yesterday. I just need one favour from you all. It’s not much and it wouldn’t take much from you. Kindly subscribe to/follow my blog by filling the contact form and by sharing this post and other post on your social media platforms. Thank you so much as you do that. Hoping, by God’s grace, I get to celebrate next year with you all on a wavy level.

¦¦New post would be up on Saturday¦¦ Stay tuned Loves! 


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