#Lagos Series|| A Visit to the JJT Park

Hey Loves! How are you all doing? I know right, it’s been a tiring week so far but still, your girl is here for you as always. Today’s post is about my adventure with my girls and how we ended up finding ourselves at the awesome JJT Park.

The JJT park

On this Particular day, I and my friends planned going to the mall to see a movie but we ended up arriving late at the cinema because of Lagos traffic as usual. With disappointment, we all left the mall and as we were driving, we sighted the awesome Eyo statue and decided to check what’s there.

the jjt park visit
L-R: Doja, Toyin (Pebbles Closet), Matreekah and Yinka (houseoftefiti).

Below is my recap of what went down. Enjoy guys!

About JJT Park

The JJT Park is situated at Alausa Ikeja right next to the Lagos State House of Assembly. It is also not far from the Ikeja City Mall. It was commissioned by Governor Akinwumi Ambode and it is named after the three past governors of Lagos State: Brigadier Mobolaji, Johnson Rtd, Alhaji Lateef Jakande, and Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Still not sure why Fashola wasn’t acknowledged but who knows?

Jjt park

My Personal Review on the JJT Park:


JJT Park is absolutely free unlike some other parks in Lagos where they have turned into an avenue to make money.

Free WiFi

Ah ah! So you didn’t know eh? The park has free WiFi with the name Lagos WiFi and it’s got a very good connection too. In Brain’s voice “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

Parking Space

Please, if you are going with a car, just don’t bother parking close to the park because there is no provision for a parking space. We drove past the gate looking for where to park and ended up going round the park in a 360 degree. Kindly ask around for a place to park your car or better still, head over to the Ndubuisi Kanu Park directly opposite it. I would suggest they work on this though.

Jjt park
Signature pose ✌

Food and Drinks

I didn’t notice any solid food being sold there but they do sell drinks and snacks. Besides, we all took food along so we weren’t bothered.



The JJT Park is a lovely place for photography shoots. It’s got a nice scenery and by merely taking a glance at it while driving or passing by, one would be tempted to walk in. We actually met some people getting ready for a photo shoot session. However, I’m not sure if it’s free to do that. You might probably ask for permission before doing so.

Jjt park

Opening and Closing Time

JJT Park opens by 8:00 am and closes by 6:30 pm. Always make sure to go earlier so as to do anything you want to do without rushing.

The Attractions

Eyo Statue

This is actually the first thing you are going to see and it’s the main source of attraction at the Park. It’s a great spot for taking awesome photographs.

Jjt park

The 3 Faces

Jjt park

Jjt park

I don’t know the J and J but I definitely know my T (lol).

The Pretty Parrots

A visit to the jjt park

I couldn’t take a clear picture of them but those parrots or birds are really pretty.

The Dry Water Fountain

I saw nothing like this there but I guess they decided not to let the water run.

The Children’s Space

Jjt park

I forgot to take a picture of the view but it’s great and safe for children.

Things to do when you visit the JJT park.

• Take pictures.

• You can have a picnic there.

• Have a me time. You can go there to reminisce or meditate. It’s a quiet place.

• Read books.

• Use the free WiFi to download anything.

• Celebrate with loved ones. Take your children to the park and a great time.

• Get to know a person more.


Jjt park ootd

Off the shoulder top: Thrifted

Bell bottom trousers: River Island

Sandals: Random Market

Scarf: Ibtiey’s Pin

Have you ever visited the JJT recreational park? What are your thoughts about it? Thanks for stopping by Loves 🖤


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