Hey guys, how are you doing? How’s the week going? Since today is the last day of November, I  decided to drop another episode on the life lately series (formally the ATM series).
I’m going to share the challenges I’ve faced as an upcoming blogger and how I hope to better myself.
Being a personal blogger in this society is a tricky one. You are becoming a public figure and you will have to share part —if not full details – of your life to your adorable readers. The main goal is to be able to impact and impress them so that they will come back for more. Kindly subscribe to my blog.

The first thing a blogger should have is the blogger kit — camera, good internet connection, phone, laptop. Without these or if one of them goes missing, it becomes a problem. The beginning hasn’t been easy as I was without a camera (I am still without one so thank God for my phone’s good camera quality).

Another is not having someone handy to take pictures of me. I always have to make appointments and I’m forever grateful for you guys that have made this blogging journey a success.
It’s been three months of creating contents for you guys and I’ve never regretted doing that. This has always been what I’ve always wanted to do. That is, sharing my knowledge on certain areas and creating a voice for myself.
Obviously, as you continue in this journey, you are bound to be better. And that’s exactly what I plan to do. Be better.
Something new is coming to the blog. Keep your hands crossed guys.

I am also Determined to stay focused here on the blog (I suffer from anxiety whenever I’m typing a post. Help!!!). I don’t exactly understand and I seriously don’t have a term for this. Creating content hasn’t been that easy. It takes a lot of research and brainstorming and consistency.
So lately, I’ve been…   
Accepting the fact that others’ blog success doesn’t determine mine.
Hoping I get to do a lot of networking especially with other bloggers and photographers this coming year.
P. S. Why do people have the notion that all bloggers are socially awkward?
Craving for bole (roasted plantain) and groundnuts. I can even smell it.
Feeling the oversized and slouchy outfit trend. I’m actually not a fan of all things too clingy.
Anticipating the first of it’s kind lyrics album titled 6n9. It’s a collaboration between three rappers. I’m not a fan of rap but this album is something to wait on. It drops next month. I love the fact that the art of poetry is infused into the lyrics. All you have to do is to read it and define the sound yourself. Watch out guys.
So that’s it for this month’s episode on Life Lately. See you next month.
Love always,


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