The month of March has been really filled with too much drama that I keep wondering if I am actually the one really experiencing this. I know I’ve been AWOL on this series on the blog but I just can’t afford not to share this month’s episode with you all especially after telling you guys what went down on my birthday. I was not expecting this month to be filled with extra drama like the ones I’m going to share below. If you are interested to know what happened, continue reading. But wait.. Have you subscribed to my blog yet? If not, Kindly do to experience first hand notification whenever something good is about to happen here.

||T H E•A W E S O M E||

I really can’t thank God enough for the mercy he has shown to me this month despite all that has happened.


Life Update
StyledbyMatreekah is 6 months old and honestly I’m proud of my baby. It hasn’t been easy at all. With moving from blogger to WordPress, I can say there’s growth. I’m still making researches on what’s best for the blog (appearance and look wise).

GRATEFUL for having amazing blog readers who never fail to show their supports. Sending out love to you all.

Can’t stop staring at my FIRST BLOG PHOTOS I posted on the blog and I shared some hilarious facts about me too.

THE TREND I’m currently loving is (drum rolls… ) Dad Sneakers! The sneakers that we regarded as ‘ugly’ is now the new cool sneakers. In fact, most of our favorite shoe brands have come up with different designs of the Dad sneakers and it’s taken over in the fashion industry.

Life Update

MARVELED at the elite wedding that took place last week Saturday. I mean, Dangote actually invited Bill Gates! This money must be made honestly. I think the only wedding that can top this would be Meghan Markles’ own.

||T H E•G O O D||

EXCITED about my sister’s wedding coming up next month and you guys are invited (she’s going to kill me when she sees this). Guess what? I’m going to be the Chief bridesmaid. This is like the first owambe wedding I’m going to be attending and I’ve got no clue what to do. Tips pleassse! (I don’t think we do wedding rehearsals here in this country 🙄😒).

Life update

Look who has a new pair of HEELS.


CURRENT STYLE CRUSH is Halima on Instagram. She is a modest fashion model who broke the internet sometimes last year. And since I discovered her on my explore page, I’ve never stopped loving and admiring her.

Life update

Can’t do without SUNGLASSES lately because the sun ain’t smiling no more.


||T H E•B A D||


Life Update

This particular day, while taking pictures of my environment, I wanted to take a picture of a palm tree and I was oblivious of the fact that a policeman was standing just below the tree. As I raised my phone, he sighted me and immediately raced towards the Keke (tricycle) I was in to actually collect my phone. He wanted to check my pictures lol. I was lowkey scared but I still showed a little bit of fierceness.

||T h e•B l e h||

Been doing assignments all week…

PISSED about the presidential visit to Lagos. I mean c’mon! Half of Lagosians living and working in the axis of the visited place literally had to walk trek to their destinations. As if that wasn’t enough, it had to rain.

||T H E•U G L Y||

REALIZING the fact that having excess money (especially for transportation) on you is very important as my Dad always says! I used the excess cash I had to feed one day and got to the park only to realize that transport fare had been tripled. Jeeez, I wanted to cry (no jokes). My friend had gone home earlier and I had no debit card on me. It was then I remembered a supplication my dad taught us when we were little for emergencies. Ten minutes later, a bus stopped and I found my helper (he’s a DJ lol —DJ Jekanmo 😁). I didn’t even want to answer him but something just told me that “Ogbeni, Opportunity comes but once” and I entered his bus. He said he stopped for me because he loved my stature. Well, thank you DJ Jekanmo.

P. S. Do not underestimate the words and prayers of our parents.

This is all I can recall at the moment. Thanks for reading to the end.

How did your month go Loves? Was it also drama filled? Let’s interact in the comment section guys! 


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