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Life Update X Blogging Break

It’s been how many months again? It’s been Two and half months since I last penned down my thoughts here on the blog and I’m deeply and sincerely sorry for going AWOL. I’m also very grateful to all of you for checking up on me and asking why I took a very long break which is really much needed. Thank you so much Loves! For those that asked if I quit already…(whatttt?) why would I?

The past few months have been filled with so many tales that I just don’t know how to relate it. Instead, I’d focus on the reasons why I took a blogging break.

Fashion School

As I explained before, I will soon conclude my 6 months programme at the Betti-O School of Fashion in Lagos and I designed two outfits for a male and female models respectively (can’t share pictures because of personal reasons). I’m proud of myself but I just didn’t like the way the pictures turned out.

As a result of the above mentioned presentation, Time just went by quickly and it got to a stage whereby all I could think about was how to design clothes. I lost my blogging mojo guys!


Another reason why I took a blogging break was because I really needed a direction as I am aware that I need a niche for the blog. I have decided that the blog will henceforth be a lifestyle blog where I get to share personal experiences, my personal style of course, tips and tricks and my sewing projects. I’m so excited guys!

Blogging Overwhelm

To be very honest, it got to a stage where everything just became blurry. I couldn’t help feeling depressed as I continuously surfed the internet and was seeing how other blogs looked put together effortlessly (you may call it anything but the depression that social media causes is definitely real). One day, I just decided to pause. I tried to rethink what I’ve been doing wrong including ways to correct them and I didn’t feel bad about the decision at all.

It really feels so good blogging again as all I needed actually was an outing plus photos lol and I’m also thanking you guys for staying to read till the end.

Words by Me; Photos Taken by Teas!

Till next time Loves!

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