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Hey guys. This is not an outfit post but a reflective post. Just wondering why we have to give in to what the society says. The kind of society we live in is adding to the problems we have on a daily basis and I will like to ask a few questions from my own point of view.

• In the society I live in, I have to wake up as early as possible, pray and go about my daily chores and work 9-5 daily. What if I just want to pray and sleep in all day?
• In the society I live in, I am expected to graduate from the university with a first class degree or at least a second class upper. Afterwards, complete my NYSC programme, get a masters degree and settle down…

What if I just want to learn a trade after the University or scatter the order?

• In the society I live in, having a skin disorder is a crime/sin. You always get asked questions like these: what’s wrong? What are you using?  Use this or use that… 

What if I’m not naturally blessed with a good skin or I’m yet to get a 100% solution to my skin problem?

• In the society I live in, I am expected to be in a relationship at a particular age, have sex, party hard and live a carefree life…

What if I just want none of that?

•In the society I live in, anxiety and depression is the order of the day! One is anxious to wake up the next day (really);  one is depressed if that task you’ve been planning for fails; one is anxious to fall in love; one is depressed if you do not meet a like target on your facebook and instagram pictures…

What if that is not what we need?

•What if all we need are self love, self confidence and patience?

 What if? What if? What if?

These questions can only be answered personally. Let’s try to change the way we view life.
P. S. A perfect person on the outside can have a lot of flaws on the inside. Stay safe.

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