my brother asked me a question: if today is 2017 and tomorrow is 2018, does that make next tomorrow 2019?

Trust me, I just rolled my eyes at him. Well, enough of him. Today is the last day of 2017 and it’s literally one of the perfect years so far especially since starting the blog and having the support of you guys– my lovely readers. Let’s do more of this next year!

Today’s post is a roundup of my top 5 favourite bloggers and the level of inspiration I gather from them.

1. Grace Alex of Gafashion.

Her style is minimal, vintage and chic. I fell in love with her blog from way back and her captions on instagram are very deep.

2. Maryam Salam of FashionbyDaisy.

Looking for blogging tips? Look no further. Maryam has got you covered. I love these particular pictures because of the way she styled the beret trend.

3. Demi Akin of HighStreetMania.

She’s a fashion, beauty, lifestyle and DIY blogger and a very goofy one. Her instastories crack me up everytime. I love her chic and elegant styles too.

4. Cassandra Ikegbune of Cassiedaves.

I don’t know how she combines being a medical doctor and a blogger but she really does it well. She has shown the world that your work doesn’t have to stop you from pursuing your dreams.

5. Ijenna Osuji of Miralabelle.

A student and a blogger? I love love. Her combination of androgyny and elegance baffles me and she literally looks stunning in ALL OUTFITS. Her style is also unique.

These are my top 5 bloggers and blogs I check on a regular basis. I hope to be a source of inspiration to you guys.

Thanks for stopping by.


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