Overcoming self criticism is imperative as sometimes, we just continuously put ourselves down when things don’t go as planned and this prevents us from reaching our goals. Especially with being in a world where no one expects more of us (except our lovely parents) than ourselves and the reality of who we are seems to always fall short of the standard of who we think we should really be. Hence, after reading a post on self criticism on theeverygirl, it felt so relatable and I thought to develop a post on how to overcome self criticism.

Self investigation is a necessary light while Self criticism is an unnecessary burden -Sri Chinmoy

Find what makes you YOU

You need to recognize what makes you unique and praise that feature. Sometimes, we get caught up thinking about the traits we need to work on and overlook the ones that are already worth noticing. We need to start appreciating the things that give us value and by this, the perspective we have for ourselves will shine and the patience to improve will strengthen. Also, we should avoid selling ourselves short.

Be kind to others

This implies that instead of being your own biggest critic, you should put in efforts to being someone’s greatest supporter. I don’t mean supporting football clubs or celebrities, I mean people like you and I. It could be that follower on instagram too. Drop sincere comments and by doing that, others get to notice you for your kindness. This would make us surround ourselves with positivity and gradually, we will inevitably begin to feel this energy towards us.

self criticism

Appreciate your success

Reward yourself for every tiny achievement you made. Do this by celebrating with your loved ones and let them recognise your accomplishments. In the end, you are doing the best you can and shouldn’t allow your thoughts to beat your spirits down because of it.

Perfect your flaws

No one is perfect, we just need to choose specific areas to improve on. We need to go easier on ourselves in order to avoid criticism and as we all know, self improvement is the key. Maybe we can achieve this by learning a trade or a new hobby or by letting go of that toxic relationship, decluttering our mind. Either ways, the determination to grow is what will replace our self criticism with confidence.

How do you battle with self criticism? Do you find these tips helpful?


  • Phaytea's Pulse

    We are in times where people expect you to have a certain standard and the pressure can be overwhelming. I’ll just add that when people try to undermine you, remember that you should be accountable for the choices you make. Be open to constructive criticism, learn from your mistakes and do better. Celebrate the little achievements too, it will help you aim higher…I enjoyed reading this

    • Styledbymatreekah

      True. We shouldn’t allow the pressure make us do what we are not supposed to do. Thank you so much for the feedback Faith.

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