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Steps to being a Happier Person

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Hello guys! Today is another day and to be sincere, I have been a little depressed. I won’t go into details but to cut the long story short, I decided to make a research on the steps to take when sad or depressed and I want to share with you guys too. The following are steps to being a happier person: 

1. Identify the negative elements in your life that is holding you back and get rid of them. If it is a person, confront him or her but in a polite manner.
2. Stay positive and disregard anyone trying to make you feel bad.

3. Express gratitude always.
4. Give yourself a pep talk. Stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself nice things and before you know it, you will begin to believe in those words yourself.
5. Declutter your mind. Do not ruminate on the past. Always focus on the here and now.

6. Take yourself out and make sure you have fun. Taking pictures can also help in enlightening your mood.

7. After trying all these and you are still feeling depressed, endeavour to pray.

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