STYLE || Who are you dressing for?

Outfit details:
Scarf: Ibtiey’s Pin
Jeans / Sneakers: Thrift
Top: MatreekahWears
Bag: Thrift
I remember back then in senior secondary school when our teacher would tell us that we had extra lessons on Saturdays — Whoohoo! I was always looking forward to those days because I got to wear mofti. I didn’t have the best fashion sense then but I  had an elder sister who groomed me (even though now she tells me I overdress).
I also remember then during my WAEC lesson or tutorials when after school, I would rush home just to change and I remember that evening I wore a yellow top, denim skirt and a wedge heels (that’s the highest form of heels I can wear, funny right?). I received great comments even though some of them were asking me what I’d do if my dad showed up ( Location: dad’s school ). Those big girls who always made up to class and were always forming also passed on good comments. That was where the journey began. First reason why you should dress for You.
Another instance is in the Uni where nobody cares how you dress. You can either choose to be stylish or nah. One thing I noticed then was that I wasn’t among those wearing designer wears. Actually, most of my clothes were thrifted or bought by my elder sis and I made sure to shop for classy pieces that you couldn’t see on anyone else (benefits of thrift shopping). However, I got compliments on my style of dressing. I didn’t have to imitate the slay queens in my class, didn’t have to follow the trend either. My dressing was mostly androgynous in nature and I could count the number of skirts I owned. I dressed for myself and I loved every moment of it.

A lady saw me wear sneakers under a dress and was asking me if I was going for sports hahahahaha.  Very hilarious question but I later saw the reason why she asked. She didn’t know it was a cool way to dress and was wondering why a lady should be wearing converse and even with a dress. I’m very sure she got enlightened that way.

In essence, style is personal and don’t let anyone put you down for wearing what suits you well.


Now tell me, who do you dress for? Lemme know in the comment section. Don’t forget to subscribe and share.
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