Styling the Basics 101

Hello Loves. I’m so sorry for disappearing so soon. Network here hasn’t been friendly at all but Im back now. Today’s post is about styling the basics. Here, I decided to be creative with styling a white shirt. I didn’t want it to be ordinary (because normal is boring) so I revamped it by making a cold shoulder out of it.

Clothing transformation is actually something you all should try. Try turning that oversized dress into a two-piece gown. It could really up your game.

I also picked out a cropped  denim jean and I’m loving the retro vibe it’s giving me.

Wearing a basic shirt (plain or striped) is a go-to outfit. You can decide to dress it down with a pair of sneakers or mules or dress it up with a pair of heels.

Another thing is this bag trend that has been a major comeback in the fashion world. It’s the belt bag trend!

Feeling my outfit and natural hair? If you will like me to make a DIY on how I made this shirt, Please comment below and don’t forget to subscribe.

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