The Perfect Simple Outfit Formula

Ever been in a creative rut before where you don’t know what to wear? Don’t worry guys! We have found the perfect simple outfit formula for you all where you do not have to worry about colour combinations, patterns and print mix because this is a fail-safe staple. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you *drum rolls* DENIM! It’s been in existence for many years and one can never have many of them.

denim styles

Given that we now have different shades of denim — blue, dark blue, stone wash, black, mixture of shades— with different styles — mom jeans, wide leg jeans, frayed, pearl, patches, distressed, skirts, overalls, dungarees, boot cuts— I believe the denim trend can never go out of style. It keeps being reinvented year in year out.

casual looks

2017 got the better part of it as designers tuned up their level of creativity and switched from the basic and boring looks to more upgraded and crazier looks. It’s also a lifetime staple.

casual looks

Since denim is a go to staple for everyone, Mush and I decided to do a stylebook on it. In this collaboration, we decided to go with different denim looks and curated different ways to style the denim trend.

My look:

casual look

I opted for a cami top and a buttoned down skirt. Originally, this skirt was an a-shaped skirt. Had to recycyle it to a straight pencil skirt. I think I like it better now. This look reminds me of how I styled the basics here.

Next, I accesorised it with a silver bracelet and my imaginary silver wristwatch.


Have it in mind that statement earrings and sunglasses always elevate every look. You will always look like a cool kid in the block.


Heels is something I literally detest gosh! Had to go rub my feet when I got home after the shoot. (It’s a mules Kareemat for crying out loud)

Mush’s Look


First of all, meet Mushraffah of Mushlifestyle. An instagram diva and youtuber. She literally makes all outfits look cool plus she is super photogenic. Follow her on instagram @mushraffah.

denim dungarees

denim and heels

Here, she opted for a pair of denim dungarees and a yellow tee. This look is so chic and anybody can rock it. You can either wear it like this or rock it by wearing a loose fitted dungarees.

beret trend

She also decided to style the beret trend and her shoes gave the overall look the feminine vibe we needed.

My outfit details:

Top: Atmosphere

Skirt: Vintage

Heels: Local store

Photography by my Cousin @aliumuibiphototography.  The trouble he had to face while taking these shots lol.

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Which of the looks do you like? What’s your take on the denim trend? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. Don’t forget to share and subscribe. Thanks for stopping by loves.


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