10 Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Started Blogging

People: What do you do girl?
Me: Oh, I’m a blogger!

Look at how simple and pleasing this sounds to the ears. However, most people really do not know the rudiments of being a blogger. The blogging business is saturated and the competition is real. It’s not about having a random post to publish and it’s definitely not about only dropping pictures of outfits that you slayed in (fashion bloggers) but about having something to pass on to the readers. You need to be able to influence at least one of your readers who keeps coming back for more to learn from you. I remember this post where I shared fashion hacks and I was surprised at the number of traffic I gained from that post. I got feedbacks from those who tried it and I keep getting asked questions relating to the post. That is not the only post that keeps getting referrals.

As a blogger, you also have to be ready to invest in yourself. Attend bloggers events/classes whether free or paid, research on topics in your niche, be creative and original. However, there are certain things you need to know before starting a blog in order to stay on top of your blogging game.

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Things I wish I had known Before Blogging


Blogging Community.

The blogosphere is filled with so many Creatives that it takes a lot of hardwork, creativity and dedication to actually stand out and be recognized. And for one to be recognized you need networking together with the afore-mentioned skills. Everyone needs recognition by fellow bloggers and brands (whether you asslick or not) as long as the goal is achieved. Hence, engage with other bloggers especially on their blog posts and try to have a personal relationship with them.

Money and Data

Okay loves, don’t believe anybody (wholly) that tells you that you don’t need money to start a blog. You really do need it even if you started your blog on a free platform and created it yourself. Invest in yourself because you do not start getting revenue as soon as you start (although some people get lucky). What if you do not even try investing, are you not paying for the data? I actually didn’t know that as a blogger, I have to be consistently online (which I’m battling with) because sadly, there are broke bloggers out there.

Things I wish I had known before blogging

Time and Energy.

Blogging is time consuming. The time to think of what blog posts to publish, when to take pictures and the time exerted in editing the pictures is a whole lot. I attended a lecture where a blogger said she usually take pictures of 15 to 18 outfits in one day because she has a 9 to 5 job and at the same time, has to be consistent with her blog. I didn’t know about this honestly. It really isn’t an easy task except of course, your blog doesn’t require much stress.

Quality Photos

Before I started blogging, I usually see pictures of different bloggers and I thought it centered around just wearing clothes, standing for photographs, posting and telling us about the outfit. I never knew a lot of hardwork had gone into creating that picture. The pose, the smile, the badass look, the photographer’s skills et al. Yet, some people still don’t get recognized after all this stress.

Things I wish I had known before blogging


I didn’t know time and energy will be put into being creative for the success of one’s blog. I check some people’s instagram and instastories and I’m like really? After taking a video or photo, they still go to other apps to edit and tweak it in such a way that their followers come back for more. Creativity is Key.


Nobody wants to read an article that’s copied and pasted. Truth be told, we bloggers now like to follow the trend. Just because ABC did this and became famous for it, XYZ will follow suit. I read a discussion one time where a blogger uses abroad terms like summer, winter, spring, high school, college and people were telling her to use Nigerian terms. Why? What if she has less Nigerian audience? We really need to be original with everything. Just because Amaka takes fabulous flatlays (our pink blogger)  and everyone be praising her for it doesn’t mean when you do yours, you would be acknowledged.

Blogging Ideas

Up to Date Content

Do you know that no content is new or fresh. People have written about everything. Try searching for a topic and survey the results. Some articles have been written on the topic like 5 years back. But why do people still write about the same topic? Simple. Everything revolves and times have changed. You only need to be creative with yours and make sure to write in your own voice. Writing in your voice means writing the same way you talk and that voice should be flexible and convincing.

Blogging on the go

Yes! You get to blog on the go. In as much as you schedule when and where you want to write, you find out that there still isn’t always enough time. Blogging on the go means getting an inspiration in a bus, for instance, and typing on your phone. This is actually what I did here. I type with my phone and complete the rest with my PC. You can make use of your notebook app or Evernote and save the draft.

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Outfit details: All Outfit: Thrifted // Belt bag: _thehopper.

As a blogger, what are those things you wish you had known before starting your blog? Kindly share with me because I’m dying to know! 

Thank you for reading till the end. Love, Matreekah 🖤


  • phiyah

    I wish I knew my niche earlier, I didn’t know I needed to research and read so much, I didn’t know I’ll invest so much e.g paying for photos and buying data all the time and thrifting.

    nice post you got here, keep it up, BTW your fashion hack post inspired me to prepare a new blog post which will be in the blog soon.

    • Styledbymatreekah

      Exactly my dilemma right now —the paying for photos and buying of data. It gets tiring (no lies).
      Aaawn. I’m so glad hun. Can’t wait to read your post on it 💯💯

  • sike gbana

    I definitely agree with this. I am trying to find balance between blogging and school right now and I wish I knew all this before I started blogging because trust me, it’s not easy girl! Thanks for shedding light 💜

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