When life gives you lemons….

…you make lemonades!!!
Hello lovelies! This post centres on the how and why I started the blog. Let me just say it fills the gap in between spontaneity and something planned.

Making of the name (Matreekah)
As simple as it seems, some people still ask for the meaning. Well, it is just Kareemat written from the back but I added a H .
The How

Like I said, it wasn’t really planned. He’s my sister’s friend. I have forgotten how I got his contact but we started chatting. I later got to know he’s also a blogger (a very young one). You can check out his blog here. We got talking and as humble as he is, he decided to help me out. Despite the wahala I gave him, especially calling him in the midnight telling him I don’t know ‘how to publish a post with my phone’ (I can’t forget that day), he never complains. He never does.

P. S. I am not a tech person. Just learning.

The Why

The whole idea started when I was in my final years in the Uni. I stumbled on Grace Alex’s instagram account (@t2pitchy) and I totally fell in love with her style – vintage, minimal and chic. Just when I thought I’d see her soon, she travels to America. Her page really inspired me into having a blog myself. However, with the many things  that hindered the immediate opening of the blog, I was still motivated.

I’ve always been a fashion lover. And I believe that the key to being fashionable is to have a personal style. My style is androgynous in nature and I’ve added a little bit of the over size trend to it. One thing about fashion is that not everyone is gong to love your style (don’t feel bad if one aunty keeps telling you that your gown is too short or that the gown is too big and you need to show your curves).

Another thing that motivated me is my love for reading and writing. I read everything I see except Sports and textbooks – they are boring.
I believe I’ve always wanted to be a blogger because I see no harm in sharing the little know. We all learn new things daily.
In essence, do what you love and don’t be a crowd follower. Success is not immediate, patience is what you need. I love what I do and you should too!
With Love always,


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