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Hey guys! This is not really an outfit post but please this wide leg pants is just so pretty and comfortable that I’ve been wearing it almost every week (guilty face). 
Now that December is almost here, we all know what that implies: HOLIDAYS! Holidays also mean parties, visitors, full course meals, presents and many more. Like Thomas Jefferson once said, ” Never put off for tomorrow what you can do today”. Procrastination kills progress and success. And to stay on top of your game during this hectic but celebratory time of the year, it takes commitment and planning. Below are 3 simple steps which can provide a relaxing experience as you enter the festive season: 
Holidays attract gifts and lavish meals, new outfits as well as travel expenses and before you know it, you may find out that your bank account is in danger. Establish a real budget by taking note of the next step.
By establishing a budget, your priorities must be put into consideration. Make decisions on important things. Do you really need that expensive get away or do you need to stock up your house with the essentials? Weigh your options carefully so you won’t end up spending on what’s not important. 
If you are in a city like Lagos, you ought to have noticed that once it’s the first week of December, all the prices of goods and services are increased (whether new or old stock). You need to shop ahead of time in order to beat the price increment and to avoid long queues that build up at malls.
Outfit Details:
Shirt: Thrifted
Ankara Wide Leg Pants: Matreekah Wears
Slippers: Street Vendor 
Eyewear: Street Vendor 
Bag: Thrifted 
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